How Do I Buy Ethereum?

First you need to buy Ethereum. This involves using fiat currency (a regulated currency like Dollar, Pound, Euro, Rand etc.) to buy Ethereum

A good place to start is with Cex (

If I have Bitcoin how do I convert it to Ethereum

Shapeshift is the fastest way to exchange cryptocurrency.

Shapeshift ( is a currency swapping website which allows users to exchange between Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies without setting up an account.

If you have Bitcoin and would like to invest in our ICO then you would need to exchange Bitcoin for Ethereum?

You need two things:

  • A Bitcoin wallet address
  • An Ethereum wallet address

A wallet address is a string of letters and numbers.

If you have another coin other than Bitcoin you just need to know the wallet address where you can receive the converted currency.

Once you have fulfilled both requirements you're ready to invest in the Propthereum ICO, start by going to and follow these steps:

Under Deposit select Bitcoin, or click on the Bitcoin icon to chose the coin you have, and under Receive select Ethereum.

Click on Continue. This is where you need an Ethereum wallet (See recommended Ethereum wallets here) & your Bitcoin, or other coin, address (from Luno). In this example we're transferring 0.5 BTC to ETH.

Once you have entered the amount & your wallet address, click on Start Transaction. On the next page, you will see the address to send funds to.

Note: You only have 10 minutes to make this transaction. For this tutorial, I'm sending Bitcoin from my Luno wallet to the wallet address provided above. I can also scan the QR code provided like seen above from the Luno mobile app (you could use any other Ethereum wallet of your choice)

Usually, it takes about 30-60 seconds for this transaction to happen & you will see a success screen like this:

This means that Bitcoin has been successfully converted into Ethereum & it has been transferred to your Ethereum wallet address.

Your Ethereum wallet will show the new amount, but it will be in a 'Pending' state for about 30 minutes until is it verified by the network.

Shapeshift also has a smartphone app that you can download from the Google Play and Apple App stores.

You're ready to invest in the Propthereum ICO.

You can now transfer your Ethereum to our Crowdsale address from your wallet and receive PTC tokens.