Proptheruem is starting up their signature campaign to promote their upcoming ICO which starts on 20 November 2017.
This campaign will run for minimum of 2 weeks on the BitcoinTalk forum. We're looking for 25 participants in total. 11 Full members, 10 Senior members, and 4 Hero/Legendary members.

How to Apply
You must apply the appropriate signature at the time of your application as specified here


30 posts are needed minimum each week to qualify for payment.
Posts must add something to the discussion and are of 100 characters long at least.
Posts in the following : off-topic, games and rounds, meta, bounties, campaigns, micro earnings, archival, beginners & help and politics and society will not be counted.
Accounts with negative trust or tagged by Dt1 Dt2 aren't allowed to enter the campaign.
Every participant must wear the avatar.
You're not allowed to advertise anything else in your signature.
Alternate accounts are not allowed and will lead to a ban on participation in our campaign.
Bumping the ANN thread is not required, but appreciated.
Round ends every Friday 6 pm GMT.

Payment structure

Full members: 0.0002 BTC per post - Max: 0.006/week (11/11 Spots open)
Senior members: 0.0004 BTC per post - Max: 0.012/week (10/10 Spots open)
Legendary/Hero: 0.0006 BTC per post - Max: 0.018/week (4/4 Spots open)


Week 1 Funds can be viewed here:

Spreadsheet tracking members posts can be viewed here: